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hadeon rda

  1. KingPin!

    Psyclone Mods: Hadaly Vs. Entheon Vs. Citadel Triple RDA Review by KingPin!

    Hi Folks, I’ve been excited about being able to do this review for a long time, well I say a long time; I’m talking about my personal vaping adventure beginning properly in 2016, and being introduced to the world of squonking. As it happens this is the same year that would coincide with the...
  2. yosenecig

    Hadaly V4 --- Hadeon RDA 22MM Clone

    Introduction High clone Hadaly v4 --- Hadeon RDA is 22mm diameter good taste atomizer 22mm Outer Diameter Stainless Steel Construction Peek Insulators Adjustable Airflow Control Innovative Two Post Styled Deck with reduced chamber Coil Clamping System (CCS) Reversible Coil Clamping System...

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