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holy cannoli

  1. JuiceChris

    Holy Cannoli --> $5.99 Blowout Prices!

    This one may have a limited audience or maybe you want to try a new flavor! Either way the price is hard to pass up - just $5.99 for Holy Cannoli Lemon Custard.. Shop here: (you can disregard the "Black Friday Special" in the ad...
  2. JuiceChris

    Closeout ~~ 70% off Holy Cannoli Lemon Custard!

    30 mg now only $8.99! Save $21 30 m
  3. JuiceChris

    70% off the P.O.W. - Holy Cannoli Salts now $8.99

    5 Flavors still available here: Pick up your favorite while they are still available. At this price, they won't be for long! Buy at eJuice.Deals
  4. JuiceChris

    Holy Cannoli! Its a Sneak Peak at this Weekend Deal'

    Here is a sneak peek at this weekend's deals at Ejuice.Deals!: Buy here while this weekend and save! Holy Cannoli: Only $10.99 for 100ml bottles Holy Cannoli Salts: Six flavors, only $8.99 for 30ml bottles.
  5. JuiceChris

    Up to 60% off 100ml's variety at Ejuice.Deals!

    Monday starts a new round of 60% of sales at Ejuice.Deals! This week you can get Holy Cannoli 100's just $10.99 ea. Available in a variety of flavors, while supplies last. Also on sale is the popular Pyscho Kitty Brand, just $10.99 ea. Three flavors available: Kitty, Unicorn and Yeti! Click...

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