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ijoy rdta box mini

  1. Steampugs

    Pugsley's short and gobby review of the Ijoy 100w RDTA box Mini kit

    Being of a 'vertically challenged' stature myself I feel an almost brotherly bond to anything that has an attitude that far out weighs it's size..."ooft...small man syndrome" has been muttered in the background on more than one occasion in the past by lookers on as I punch the shit out of a...
  2. Everzon

    IJOY RDTA BOX Mini 100W Kit

    IJOY RDTA BOX Mini 100W Kit As a mini version of IJOY RDTA BOX 200W, the IJOY RDTA BOX Mini 100W inherits all the good points - limitless versatility on the build deck and the large juice capacity. Moreover, the 100W RDTA Box mini features an upgraded built-in 2600mAh Li-Po battery with long...

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