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ijoy rdta mod

  1. V

    Don't hesitate to buy IJOY Limitless RDTA Mod Kit with Factory Price!!!

    IJOY Limitless RDTA MOD Kit is IJOY's newest device with RDTA design. Maybe as you have known,IJOY Limitless RDTA Mod Kit features TC temp control function, RDTA function and 6.9ml liquid holds . And it is the combination of LIMITLESS RDTA tank and a mechanical mod, the tank features...
  2. Everzon

    IJOY RDTA Mod Kit, the black and orange are fully in stock now

    IJOY RDTA Mod Kit IJOY RDTA Mod Kit includes a LIMITLESS RDTA Classic Edition and a mechanical MOD. The LIMITLESS RDTA Classic Edition features interchangeable decks, which are also compatible with IJOY COMBO RDTA. And the MOD is made from brass and can be powered by a single 18650 battery...

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