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  1. WotofoOfficial

    COG MTL RTA-Gear Spinning, Flavor winning!-Pre-order Now

    WOTOFO COG MTL RTA *Tank Cpacity:3ml(TPD 2ml) *Build Deck Diameter:22mm *5 Airflow adjustments *Replaceable coils,easy to change *Convenient top filling GEARED MECHANISM FOR FINE-TUNED AIRFLOW The COG MTL RTA has an innovative gear mechanism for very precise air tuning. Simply...
  2. CapVanillaCustard

    Ehpro Fusion 2-in-1 Kit Review - Vape two flavors at once!

    Ehpro Fusion 2-in-1 Kit Review - Photo Album with more photos Hello everyone! Ehpro Fusion 2-in-1 kit is a pretty unique setup. At first glance it's standard a dual coil RDTA + dual 18650 regulated mod combo. However the RDTA has two chambers and the mod has two chips, letting you vape two...
  3. F

    Gasstation e juice "innovation" bubblegum Review

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