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  1. MannyScoot

    I want to see everyone's wood....... (Stabwood, wood, mixed ) Regulated, Mechanical, Wood look alike

    Just post anything that is wood, stabilized (Stabwood) Fake, real, expensive or cheap. All we want to do is show our woodies.... Any gender is welcomed, stickers, protective sleeves, real wood wood lookalike ..... If you have a favorite woodie item post it and share it ..... Cool .... Don't...
  2. Ms. Trixy

    Ladies! Charlotte Russe 50% Dress Blowout! ENDS MON. 5/29/17

    I was browsing for a dress for my brother's upcoming wedding and came across Charlotte Russe. Holy Mosses! They're beautiful - for all occasions. ENDS ON MONDAY 5/29/17.
  3. Ms. Trixy

    Ladies! Colorful Vape Bag! Small bag. Zipper compartment too!

    I saw this ad in Facebook. Beautiful (shoulder bag) small enough for your vape gear, phone, money or whatever! Very pretty! Think I'll get one for on the go. Has belt hoop and compartments. Small bag. $21.95 plus use coupon Get 20 (or Get10) can't remember. 3 colors & patterns...
  4. Ms. Trixy

    Ms. Trixy's Store - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    THE DUMP TRUCKS WILL BE COMING. REVAMP OF THIS THREAD COMING. (U.S.A. Residents Only) HERE'S THE LATEST AS OF APRIL 2018: 2 - VandyVape Phobia RDA - Black (ONE WILL BE A GIVE A WAY!) Subscribe and hit the bell to my channel for to know when! 2 - VandyVape Kylin Mini RTA - Stainless (ONE WILL...

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