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manta rta

  1. 3Avape Official

    Advken Manta RTA Resin Version (Dual Coil, Flavor Chasing)

    Product introduction The Advken Manta RTA Resin Version is here to attract you at first sight. With 4.5ml juice capacity and 24mm diameter, the Manta RTA is flavor-chasing with resin tube and drip tip. It also features the tri-hole bottom airflow system and top filling design for an optimal...
  2. insanity21

    Advken Manta RTA help

    Hi, I had some leaking on my manta yesterday, I change the o-rings and it fixed the problem and was working great, now when I woke up my Smok Alien 220W had no coil error, I change the cotton and I got a good ohm reading and it work for like 10 puffs and same error, no coil, am I doing something...
  3. iMaverick

    Manta RTA

    Hi I am looking for MANTA RTA replacement O-Rings. Can anyone help me please, need to purchase online and shipped to me. Or at least provide me the specs (size and material) of the O-Rings. Thank you and much appreciated
  4. iMaverick

    Types of Wires and Safety

    Hi Everyone, sorry in advance if there is a thread with the same content. I am new to coil building and in general all to do with vaping, not accessible to purchase OCC so decided the coil building route. I did a bit of research and got mix results with being reliable and safe to metal...

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