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  1. WotofoOfficial

    Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA - All you need to know is here

    More info at WOTOFO
  2. WotofoOfficial

    Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Official Demo Video

    In this video, you will not only know the background story of Profile Unity RTA, but also know how to use it right. Comment below if you have more questions. Video Guidance : Unity story: 00:00:10 - 00:02:05 Exchange 3.5ml and 5ml glass tube: 00:04:47 - 00:05:15 The secret of flavors...
  3. WotofoOfficial

    Wicking Tips for Getting the Best Experience on Profile Unity RTA

    How to wick for the Profile Unity RTA? Three tips to get the best experience with Profile Unity RTA 1. Find the widest point of the wick channel, and cut the cotton along the virtual line that extends from the reference point to the rim of the deck. 2.Tuck the bottom cotton into the wick...

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