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  1. xprincezuman

    Blueberry Milkshake Man by Marina Vape Sale!! only for $17.99

    Blueberry Milkshake Man by Marina Vape Sale!! only for $17.99
  2. BronzyIsland

    Papaya con Leche

    This is essentially a papaya milkshake recipe based on the papaya milkshake my granny in Puerto Rico made for me many many years ago. Papaya milkshakes are pretty popular in the Caribbean and South America. I can't really remember every single ingredient she used...but I remember the core of the...
  3. TyTokes

    Strawberry Milkshake!

    Here's an easy mix you guys can give a shot, all FA flavoring. Been an ADV since I mixed it up, had a lot of positive reviews on it. Not hard when using FA ;) 2% Strawberry 1% Custard 1% Fresh Cream 1% Vienna Cream Tastes awesome as is, but i'm sure you guys will do a good job of spicing it up...
  4. S

    starting point for a milkshake

    I Am relatively new to mixing and was wondering if any more experienced mixers could help me with a good starting point for a milkshake. I've got several flavors from several vendors. I guess I am more looking for other peoples recipes and tips on how I could perfect my own.

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