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  1. iMaverick

    Manta RTA

    Hi I am looking for MANTA RTA replacement O-Rings. Can anyone help me please, need to purchase online and shipped to me. Or at least provide me the specs (size and material) of the O-Rings. Thank you and much appreciated
  2. XX_Fallen_XX

    Tsunami 24mm O-rings?

    Greetings yall! So noticing my o-rings for my tsunami are getting a little torn up. Anybody know where i can get some more? or the correct size i need? thanks for the help!
  3. Khaoticfury

    TFV8 black/clear o-rings??

    Does anyone know where to find black or clear o-rings for the TFV8? The orange ones are just so ugly........If not, can I use another brand as long as it is same diameter? What is the diameter for those?

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