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open pod system

  1. D

    JUUL Versus Open Pod Systems - Here is our take!

    JUUL VERSUS OPEN POD SYSTEMS So, here is a topic we have been meaning to discuss for some time. Are Juul vape pens any good? Why is there so much hype around JUUL and what is JUULING? Well here is your one stop resource on how the JUUL device truly stands up to its competition...
  2. ECOAO

    SMPO KI Open Pod system 650mAh 1.8ml Pod 3 power modes half-DL

    SMPO KI claims a strong back with strengthened abilities! Featuring still portable design yet yield higher expectations than its predecessor SMPO OS. Advanced patented CTAP chipset gives you the safest vaping experience. A brand new experience of smoother and fantastic half-DL vaping comes from...

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