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  1. ADwowecig

    WOWECIG Payment guide

    WOWECIG Payment guide You can complete this payment by purchasing the payment code. The purchase method supports PayPal. Please click here to purchase. All purchases are safe. When the purchase is completed, the purchase request will be returned to continue to complete the order payment. Step...
  2. eSMOKA

    Paypal Suspending Chinese/UK/AU Vape Retailers

    EDITED TO ADD... Suspended vendors 2FDeal (CN) 3FVape (CN) BestEcig (CN) BreakingVap - (not a store, just a vape blog who used paypal to collect donations) Cigabuy (CN) Cloumix (CN) CremeDeVape (UK) CVapor (CN) DXVape (CN) (CN) Everzon (CN) Fasttech (CN)1 FocalEcig (CN) HeavenGifts...
  3. Theboss

    Apologies to 516_vaper_lil

    What a gong show! So here's the back story, I have a good reputation on here and also had a good one over on ECF. I have piff'd many items here, always make quick payments....bought a mod from @DonBaldy yesterday and he had payment right away. My word is extremely important to me. I bought an...
  4. KGuardian

    Bull City Flavor Now Accepting Paypal

    Just noticed this a few minutes ago while I was adding some things to my cart...

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