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pulse 80w

  1. Whargoul

    WTS: Vape Lot, DNA200 board Recurve Mod, Black - Sold on Reddit. Pulse 80w + extra bottle, Seaweed Green - $40 shipped Goon 25 with all extras/spares/Squonk pin - $35 shipped DNA200 board, pulled from a reuleaux DNA200 with a broken battery sled - Pending Sale Wasp Nano RDA, Black, - Add...
  2. VapinChevy

    WTS! LOTS OF VAPE GEAR!!!! Must Sell ASAP!!!!

    Evenin Ya'll VapinChevy here, I'm in much need to sell stuff asap. I dug around for all I could sell, I'm doing this for my father. As atm he has NO gas/heat, NO water, No money for his heart meds and a much needed stove. I do have a gofundme up if you can spare a few...
  3. Vandyvapor

    Vandy Chip 80W_V006

    Hello everyone ,Thank you so much for your patience and support! Our newest software upgrade version is coming !!---Vandy Chip 80W_V006 Functional Improvements: ●Simplified mode switching ●Optimize the temperature control effect ●Sleep time can be set New Function: ●No Lift Shift - No...

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