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  1. iMaverick

    Manta RTA

    Hi I am looking for MANTA RTA replacement O-Rings. Can anyone help me please, need to purchase online and shipped to me. Or at least provide me the specs (size and material) of the O-Rings. Thank you and much appreciated

    Looking for the very BEST online vape websites

    I am looking for the best vaping websites that offer a large variety of affordable products, mainly boxes and other devices.. I know of these already DNAVapor MTBakerVapor ElementVape BeastVapor MittenVapors I've checked up on all of those but i need a good variety of box mods so I can...
  3. Synphul

    CC Fraud Nicopure

    Just got a letter yesterday from Nicopure stating that they're trying to get out in front of compromised user information. It's been months since I've ordered anything from them, they're the parent company to Halo for folks who are unsure. Thought I'd share this, not sure who else may or may...
  4. ShowerHead

    SX550J- What Mod? Yihi G Class, Boxer Classic, VisciousAnt

    Looking for opinions on these mods. My lovely coil assistant thinks I should have one.
  5. Synphul

    Post Holiday Finance Check

    Just thought I'd throw this out there given the time of the year. It might not be a bad idea for folks to pay special attention to their bank or card statements. While waiting for a direct deposit to be made to a paypal account I got an email notification that said my card had been used at an...
  6. M

    Buying a Kayfun 3 or 4

    Hello All, I want purchase a Kayfun clone tank online, version 3 or 4. Could somebody please advise me with a good and reputable website to purchase from? Thanks a lot.

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