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  1. tcookj

    Beginner Vaper OIF Vet requesting help with getting a mod

    My name is Tim. I recently decided to quit smoking. My brother has successfully been off ciggs for two years since he started vaping. I tried his vape and cant believe how it satisfied my craving with smoke that tastes like fruit loops. He let me borrow his vape for a week and im stuck. I really...
  2. seanmccormick

    Vaping Survey - please help health scientists understand successful vaping habits.

    Dear Vapers, I would like to enlist the experience and expertise in your community and forum! If you have a few minutes, please complete this anonymous survey we created to learn about vaping e-cig habits. Feel free to share! : ADDED BY ADMIN: This survey is from the Southeastern Pennsylvania...
  3. Kheirra


    Hi there, I just started vaping about 10 days ago. My boyfriend started sometime last year and loves it, he finally told me that my cigarettes had to go from the smell, so I switched and it only took me three days to completely stop with cigarettes. The first day I smoked both the same amount...

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