1. cloudvape

    We will fucking vape!

    Hi everyone! A short video I made to express my opinion about the fact that we will keep on vaping and how clueless our government is here in South Africa. They are currently in the process of regulating vaping and they are putting it into the same category as tobacco. There are several things...
  2. Mikhail Naumov

    I must preach the gospel of PWM to the masses.

    Please stay the hell out of this thread if all you want to do is argue and spread misinformation. I created this thread about PWM and not about batteries or anything else. This is thread made to help people understand PWM, not a place for you to measure your dick in public. This thread was made...
  3. TW Tom

    Totally Wicked A Very Personal Story.

    We made this video so show the impact of the FDA regulations on our business and businesses like ours. It's long, but it needed to be, I am sure many other business owners will empathize. If you do have time to watch it please let us have your feedback.
  4. TW Tom

    Are YOUR kids as stupid as the Government says they are?

    We wrote this blog because it's a subject very close to our hearts. We are SICK and TIRED of hearing how the FDA and other elected and unelected bodies use our kids, your kids and your grandchildren, as an excuse to destroy this industry. Many of us here at TW are parents, our kids are not...
  5. TW Tom

    Totally Wicked Issues Press Release About the Reality of the FDA Regs.

    Click on the link below to read the Press Release: Watch the video below as our Managing Director announces the reality of the situation:
  6. FrostyVapes

    Indiana E-liquid drought.

    Here I sit in the thirsty state of Indiana, AKA, Vaping Hell. For about a month now, the available range of e-liquids to vapors have been dwindling faster than Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies at a menopausal support group. This is an absolute nightmare for flavor chasers like myself. I would go to...
  7. simplevapeco


    Join the 100K Campaign & Show your support for vaping! 10 months ago we started a conversation expressing our frustrations and fears surrounding the lack of positive news dedicated to vaping and its benefits within the public eye. The national press focus appeared generally negative and at...

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