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snake drip tip

  1. Vapehome

    Juul Charger Case Jili box $24.69 with free expedited shipping code

    Juul is small and easy to misplace, and it keeps us dependant on a USB outlet. Since the famous little ecig is not a pass-thru device, charging it with its standard charger means you are forced to take a break. But there’s good news. There are a 2 chargers that’ll allow you to keep Juuling...
  2. AtouchMall

    Cobra Head Snake Shaped 510 Drip Tip

    Cobra 510 Drip Tip This is the first drip tip I try vaping with extra one - smooth lips feeling, suitable tongue touch with his teeth. More important is I can vaping with big smoke RDA / RDTAs without hot smoke and oil burned. Also, it is very cool, isn't it?? For details, click...

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