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squonk box mod

  1. 3Avape Official

    $29.99 Asmodus Pumper-18 BF Squonk Box Mod

    Product introduction The Asmodus Pumper-18 BF Squonk Box Mod is constructed out of high-quality 6063 Aluminum Alloy frame and stabilized wood body inlay for a visually stunning display. The cut-out section houses an 8.0ml squonk bottle for convenient utilization with BF RDAs and it comes with a...
  2. 3Avape Official

    $15.49 Marvec Priest 90W Squonk Box Mod (18650/20700/21700)

    Product introduction Marvec Priest 90W Squonk Box Mod is compatible with single 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery (not included) and the full power output can reach 90W. The silicone squeeze bottle capacity is 8.0ml. Priest has many protection functions for safe vaping, including low voltage alert...
  3. 3Avape Official

    $39.32 Ultroner x Asmodus Luna Squonker Box Mod

    Product introduction The Luna Squonk Mod, a collaboration between Asmodus and Ultroner, is constructed from 6063 aluminum alloy and then covered with stabilized wood. Powered by single 18650 battery, the Asmodus is laser engraved into the firing button which has as responsive, click button...
  4. 3Avape Official

    Get Xmas Coupon and $39.3 Asmodus Pumper-18 Squonk Mod

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 3AVape applies coupon code for our customers from Dec 20th, 2019 to Jan 5th,2020 (Exclude Clearance). Following are the details: Retail: 15% Off, Code is Xmas15. And free shipping on orders over $30.00! Wholesale: 6% Off, Code is Xmas6 $39.3 Asmodus...
  5. 3Avape Official

    $6.90 Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 Mod with free cotton (18650/20700/21700)

    Product introduction Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213W, powered by single 18650/21700/20700 battery, is featured with a 0.96" OLED screen with full-color TFT display matrix, providing a full amount of operational data at a glance, working in synergy with the two adjustment buttons placed adjacent to...
  6. 3Avape Official

    [$9.15 Big Deal!] Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 Mod (18650/20700/21700)

    Product introduction Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213W, powered by single 18650/21700/20700 battery, is featured with a 0.96" OLED screen with full-color TFT display matrix, providing a full amount of operational data at a glance, working in synergy with the two adjustment buttons placed adjacent to...
  7. 3Avape Official

    $7.99 Hades BF Squonk Mechanical Mod

    Product introduction Hades BF Squonk Mechanical Mod comes with a beautiful resin construction, it is powered by single 18650 battery (Not included). Measuring 45x 78x 25mm and 510 connection, Hades mod can match the most atomizers in the market. And the 7ml e-juice capacity bottle will bring you...
  8. 3Avape Official

    [In Stock] Geek Vape AEGIS Squonk Box Mod (AS-100 Chipset)

    Product introduction GeekVape Aegis Squonk Box Mod is equipped with advanced AS-100 Chipset and features with rapid and responsive firing times, allowing the use of atomizers with a resistance as low as 0.05ohm and identifying any attached atomizers accurately. Comes with protective silicone and...
  9. 3Avape Official

    [In Stock!] Dovpo Topside Dual Carbon Squonk Mod

    Product introduction Dovpo Topside Dual Carbon Squonk Mod, powered by dual 18650 batteries with 200W max output, is a premium edition of the innovative Topside Dual Squonk Mod that still equipped with a 10ml large e-juice silicone bottle with easy top filling design. Taking the device to a new...
  10. 516_vaper_li

    3D printed unregulated / Axial RDA... more to come

    Minimal Mods The mod is made of alumide, SLS nylon door, silver contacts and a mother of pearl inlay. Also has a battery strap as well. This is extremely light mod I love this mod but need to sell this bad boy. Hope someone can enjoy this as much as I did. Only for a 20700 battery. Not...
  11. Desire_Design

    Announcement! The Rage Squonk's Firmware Update Gets Public!

    Hello! Since we got much feedback and discussions from VU vapers of the Rage firmware update, Desire Design team has immediately sit on and decided to work out an elaborate instruction of firmware update for public use. Now, we're ready. Please check and read through this page, finish the...
  12. smokstore

    Check Dovpo Topside Dual---200W 18650 Top Refill Squonk Box Mod

    Newest Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Box Mod, designed by Vapor Chronicles, powered by dual high-rate 18650 batteries and max output 200watts, supports resistance as low as 0.08ohm, various working modes switchable, built-in 10ml food-grade e-juice squonk bottle, can be filled from the top. the...
  13. ProgHouseDJ

    Advice on a new Squonk mod

    Hello everyone! First time poster here. I have been browsing through some threads trying to get some ideas for my upcoming squonk mod purchase. I am looking for dual battery, regulated, and capable of putting out some higher wattage, 150-220ish. I’d like the lower limit on Ohms to be 0.05 also...
  14. N


    Does anyone here have a Mason 40mm RDA and is able to post the dimensions of the positive post in the centre? i need it to map tool paths for a BF modification for a cnc mill but I wont have the RDA for a while but I need to design the tool paths to make the modifications. Thanks.
  15. 3Avape Official

    Dovpo Topside Squonk Mod 90W

    Product introduction Dovpo Topside Mod collaboratively designed by the Vapor Chronicles and Dovpo, is constructed with food grade Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy and Aluminum Alloy to make it moderately impact-resistant in an ergonomic shape and ensure safety and provide you healthy vaping...
  16. 3Avape Official

    Hugsvape Surge Squonk Kit 80W $47.5

    Product introduction Hugsvape Surge Squonk Kit comes with a Surge Squonk Box Mod and a Piper RDA. The Surge Squonk Mod, powered by single 18650/20700 battery, is able to reach up to a maximum output power of 80W. And the battery door is strongly held by magnets. As for the Piper RDA, it features...
  17. smokstore

    180W Dovpo Basium Squonk Box Mod Only $49.9

    The newest dovpo basium squonk box mod only $49.9 per set, powered by dual 18650 batteries and max output 180watts, supports resistance as low as 0.08ohm,VV and VW working modes available. adopts 0.96 inch OLED screen and built-in 6ml silicone e juice bottle. Link...
  18. S

    Looking for Squonk Recommendations!

    Hey Guys and Gals! I’m looking into getting myself a regulated squonker. So far I am leaning towards the GeekVape Gbox 200w, I like the look and from the reviews I’ve read/seen it’s a pretty good over all Mod. That being said does anyone have any intel or preference on a differ mod/this one? I...
  19. Astray

    You MUST never build it too low, but what about higher ohm?

    Hi, as I am learning extensively and diligently about safety, ohm's law, battery quality and performance, coil building, resistance, battery's amp discharge rate (from the famous Mooch), and the whole realm of unregulated mod safety rules... I have a good understanding on the minimum ohm that...
  20. Vandyvapor

    Vandyvape Pulse BF MOD New Panels(You' ll like it)

    Vandyvape released new pulse BF MOD with new panels, you can purchase our panels separately!
  21. Everzon

    Nice Looking Aleader 7.0ml Funky Squonk Resin Mech Kit

    Hello Everyone Here comes the beautiful Funky Squonk Resin Mech kit by Aleader. The box mod, coming with a 7.0ml large capacity silicone bottle, is compatible with a single 18650 battery. Find more here Aleader 7.0ml...
  22. kathibg57


    Brand new beautiful (I’ve only used lightly-half of one bottle of juice), “Blue” Resin Wotofo RAM squonker. Single 18650 unregulated squonker. I really thought I wanted a squonker to use with my Dead Rabbit but have found it’s just not for me! I like to drip when I’m chilling at night and I...
  23. Urvapin

    New Arrival: CoilArt Azeroth Squonk Mod

    CoilArt Azeroth Squonk Mod powered by single 18650, 20700 and 21700 battery and e-juice capacity reached to 7ml to bring you great vaping experience. It is another cool vaporizer which carries your e-liquid supply onboard and allows you to directly feed e-liquid into the atomizer. If you want to...
  24. Jason149

    Is anyone use BF Squonk Mods? How?

    Squonk Mods is a style of vaping that requires a bottom fed RDA (rebuildable tank atomizer) and a squonking mod. It’s aimed at any style of vaper, but more specifically people who are looking for an ‘all in one solution. Have you use BF Box mod? How do you feel? and compare to regular mod, which...

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