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stabilized wood

  1. 3Avape Official

    [New!] Ultroner x DJV Mecha Hybrid Stabilized Wood Mech Mod

    Product introduction Ultroner x DJV Mecha Hybrid Mech Mod is the latest collaboration between Ultroner and Dejavu. Constructed from premium quality brass and stabilized wood chassis, the Mecha is a single 18650 battery tube mod with beautiful color. Including spring and magnet switch for...
  2. 3Avape Official

    [New Stabilized Wood Series] Smok Nord Pod Starter Kit 1100m

    Product introduction The Smok Nord Pod Starter Kit, with 1100mAh long lasting built-in battery, comes with a little bigger size and is more comfortable in hand. The Nord also has a great improvement in duck-billed mouthpiece with a lip curve on it that perfectly fits your mouth and offer better...
  3. 3Avape Official

    Ultroner Oner Stabilized Wood Pod Kit 380mAh

    Product introduction Ultroner Oner Pod Kit, constructed of high quality stainless steel and stabilized wood, features with a unique appearance and offers users a visual feast. Powered by an internal 380mAh battery, the Oner delivers 5 to 12 output wattages and the maximum output voltage is 4.2V...
  4. 3Avape Official

    Ultroner Victory 60W Box Mod (SEVO-60 Chipset)

    Product introduction Victory Box Mod is a beautiful stainless steel and stabilized wood chassis box mod from Ultroner. Powered by single 18650 battery , the Victory delivers 5W to 60W wattage output. Equipped with the advanced SEVO-60 chipset, the Victory allows the minimum resistance is 0.1ohm...
  5. Everzon

    Cheap and Powerful Stabilized Wood Squonk Mod - Asmodus Pumper 18 Squonker

    Hey folks, Are you still want a cheap and powerful Stabilized Wood Squonk Mod? Everzon brings you a great Stabilized Wood Squonk Mod. It is Asmodus Pumper 18 Squonk Mod. You can shop it only 47.9USD now. Let us see more vape details. Asmodus Pumper 18 Squonk Mod Asmodus Pumper 18 Squonk Mod is...
  6. 3Avape Official

    Asmodus X Ultroner Thor 2 DNA75C Stabilized Wood Mod

    Product introduction The Asmodus Thor II, constructed from durable & lightweight 6063 aluminium alloy with a gorgeous stabilized wood body, comes with a unique style that has an exposed battery tube coated in a beautiful color that matches the 510, the ring around the firing button, and the...
  7. 3Avape Official

    3 Stabilized Wood Mod To Pick: Luna, Aether & Pumper-18.

    Ultroner Stabilized Wood Aether Squonk Mod 80W $165.5 Product introduction The Aether Squonk Mod, a collaboration between Vapouround Magazine and Ultroner, is a single 18650 battery stabilized wood mod that is compact and ergonomic. Ultroner’s SEVO chipset powers the mod, with a focus on battery...
  8. 3Avape Official

    Ultroner Omega Coil Stabilized Wood Mech Mod

    Product introduction The Ultroner Omega Coil Mechanical Mod, constructed of brass and stabilized wood, is a single 18650 battery tube mod with smooth matte black finish. The Omega Coil uses a 4 spring system in the switch to give it a smooth responsive throw and the engraved ultroner logo on the...
  9. Everzon

    New Released: ASMODUS x Ultroner Thor 2 DNA Stabilized Wood Mod

    Hello folks, Everzon provides the great DNA Stabilized Wood Mod for you. It is ASMODUS Thor 2 DNA Stabilized Wood Mod. Let us check out more details. ASMODUS Thor 2 DNA Mod ASMODUS Thor 2 DNA Stabilized Wood Mod is designed by the asMODus and Ultroner official. asMODus x Ultroner Thor II Mod...
  10. Efun.Top

    Stabilized Hybrid Wood - ULTRONER Mini Stick Semi Kit $69.99 after login!

    ULTRONER Mini Stick Semi Kit $69.99 after login Made from metal and stabilized hybrid wood, it is a high end 18350 mechanical mod that powered by single 18350 battery. With various protection to ensure a safe vape, it will shut off automatically if the battery is over 3.3V, the mod reaches over...
  11. Absolute-Wood

    Nos Creare Draco

    Scroll, scroll, scroll... And, a rendered view alone: Next will be the first steps taken to get this show on the road! Rick
  12. Ms. Trixy

    AK100w VV VW TC Box Mod - or - Adonis Stabilized Wood Dolphin

    1. You can't help but love the Adonis Stabilized Wood Dolphin. Even with it's hefty price tag $250.00+. 2. But, for the looks, how about the AK100w VV VW TC Box Mod - $55.00...
  13. leaningtreewoodmods


    Our Minute Man Mini Mod is rocking out. Want some wood grain grippin'? We got cha!!! Stab Wood / Acrylic Walnut or Mexican Rosewood faceplate Built-in Parallel Lithium Polymer batteries Authentic Evolv LLC. DNA 75 American Hardwoods Made in America Brothers and Dual...
  14. XVapeX

    Stab wood/high end Mech NYC

    Hi VU, Just curious if anyone knew of any modders based in NY (like to support the local scene if possible) that make high end mechs or stab wood mods? Hoping to treat myself for my birthday!
  15. B

    FS: stabilized DNA200 box mod

    Axis vapes dna200 Wife told me to sell this stab wood before getting another one unfortunately. Looking to sell or trade for another stab wood $420 shipped OBO

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