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  1. fancyshen

    KIMSUN Vapor and Ecig

    KIMSUN AIR 10 is a fabulous product KIMSUN Air 10 is KIMSUN New Arrival Pre-filled Disposable Atomizer & TC40W Box Mod Vape with unique design. It's with 10ml big volume as well as 2ml volume that conform to the TPD2 Act. Disposable buckle design atomizer makes it very easy to use. It's made...
  2. Acataleptic

    I think I broke my Vape

    Okay so I was replacing the cottons in my iSub atomizer and i pulled them out and put them back in. I put everything back together and I screwed the atomizer back onto my eLeaf iStick TC40W and whenever I try to pull of of it it says there is no atomizer. Is there any way to fix this? Or did I...

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