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  1. inspects

    Totally Wicked Flash Sale - TODAY ONLY

    It doesn't mean we can't give you a great sale on the last day of February. Use code LEAP28 sitewide - valid thru Midnight PST, February, 28th *Excludes clearance items. New items now added including the Arc Nano kit, SubAir 3 Nano and Corsair tank! Totally Wicked USA Inc, 2057 60th...
  2. TW Tom

    Totally Wicked - Smok TFV12 for $32.19 for President's Day Weekend

    Totally Wicked President's Day sale is now on! Get 30% off everything including Smok TFV12! Sale runs thru Feb 20th midnight PST
  3. TW Tom

    Totally Wicked A Very Personal Story.

    We made this video so show the impact of the FDA regulations on our business and businesses like ours. It's long, but it needed to be, I am sure many other business owners will empathize. If you do have time to watch it please let us have your feedback.
  4. TW Tom

    Philip Morris looks beyond cigarettes with alternative products

    Philip Morris is predicting they will eventually cease selling traditional combustible tobacco products. Listen from 1 hour 50 mins. in as BBC Radio discusses this news including, as always, a very articulate piece from our UK Managing Director Fraser Cropper...
  5. TW Tom

    Totally Wicked Discussing FDA Regs on Local Radio

    It is always nice to be given an open forum and the opportunity to talk about the reality of FDA regs.
  6. TW Tom

    Totally Wicked Issues Press Release About the Reality of the FDA Regs.

    Click on the link below to read the Press Release: Watch the video below as our Managing Director announces the reality of the situation:
  7. J


    Ive been through a few coils with a C3.. but im not getting full flavour? Sometimes i do sometimes I dont.. I use the dual coils.. i have the rebranded electrion mega from tottally wicked n use their coils. Recently it keeps flooding and producing not good flavours, and this is a new coil. I...
  8. Cudge82

    Struggling to find some good sweet fruit mix recipes

    If anyone could assist me in making some recipes that would be great. I've had some that have been OK but never really hit the spot. The flavours I have are Flavour art Bilberry, cherry, black cherry, pomegranate, raspberry, lemon Sicily, stark apple, pear drops, meringue, candy floss...

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