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vgod mech mod

  1. Everzon

    4 new items from VGOD

    VGOD is the most recognized Vape Lifestyle brand around the globe. Here, I am introducing you guys 4 items by VGOD: ● VGOD Pro Mech Mod ● VGOD Pro Drip RDA ● VGOD TRICKTANK PRO RDTA ● VGOD PRO 150 TC Box Mod They are all for pre-sale now.
  2. Urvapin

    Great Like for VGOD Pro Mech MOD and Cheap for you

    VGOD Pro Mech MOD, an elegant mod, black body with gold logo “VGOD”, which attracts your eyes at once. It is also convenient for you to carry whenever you want to vape, it absolutely a excellent tool for vaping. Now Just Need $79.99, much lower than previous price $113. More details about VGOD...

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