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  1. Wellon

    ENDED - Just Another Giveaway at Wellon Site - 5 Winners, 12th Apr

    To join this giveaway, you may open our giveaway page or do it in below Gleam table.
  2. Wellon

    Wellon Technology Co., Ltd is a leading healthy Electronic Cigarettes manufacturer

    Wellon Technology Co., Ltd is a leading healthy Electronic Cigarettes manufacturer and exporter from Shenzhen of China. Wellon is the best option for healthy electronic cigarettes. Professional service At Wellon, we make the safety and satisfaction of our customers our top priority. Vape...
  3. Wellon

    Do you know Why Vape Seals Resulting Leaky?

    Hi guys, Today I want to discuss vape seals leaky issues. If the vape tank isn’t fastened together properly, either through cross-threading or simply not being screwed together tight enough, e-juice can leak out of the openings. To avoid leaking, screw up various joints of tank tightly...
  4. Wellon

    Preparing of Vape Bubble Trick

    Hi Guys, Have you adored vape bubble trick? As we know most of Vape tricks, just need a top Vape pen. If you don’t have a vape now, please click button below to learn Wellon Transformer: And some of the Vape tricks also need some other devices to finish. For this sweet trick, you’ll need a...
  5. Wellon

    How to choose Vape battery?

    There are four qualities that are important to consider when picking the top batteries for vapers: High capacity High current rating High voltage when vaping (“hard-hitting”) Low operating temperature. If you have any questions about Vape battery, please comment below or click on the below...
  6. Wellon

    Vape101: The Dual Coil Capability of Vape RDA

    What is Dual Coil of Vape RDA? If your RDA has dual coil capability, it does what it says on the tin, meaning it has the capability to run two coils at once. The Dual Coil Capability of Vape RDA Running two coils parallel to each other cuts the resistance in half, producing more vapour with...
  7. Wellon

    Wellon leading China e-cig

    Wellon has quickly established itself as an industry leader in manufacturing healthy electronic cigarettes, as we do all of our own research and development on all of our products. The vaping industry is consistently coming out with new products and new technology, Wellon can let you find out...
  8. Wellon

    Place a small retail order and confirm from where the order will be shipped.

    Hi guys, Have you tried to place a trial order to you e-cigarette wholesale supplier? Read this thread to know more. Get a taste of how the ordering process will work with a new e-cigarette wholesale supplier. And if they are who they say they are and are going to do what they say they do...
  9. Wellon

    Necessary Talk to your e-cigarette wholesale supplier

    Even if you find all the information you need online, call the supplier anyway, so you can gauge how available and helpful they will be over the phone. It can also give you a good idea of how it will be doing business with them. >>learn more: Why you should Talk to your e-cigarette wholesale...
  10. Wellon

    Vaping Can Get Rid of Strange Smoke Smell

    Hi guys, Do you know Vaping Can Get Rid of Strange Smoke Smell? Read this thread to know the answer. Your mouth no longer smells “dead rat”. Every mouth deserves to be kissed sometimes. Thanks to vaping, you’ll forget how “dead rat” smell and yellow teeth look like. Get ready for kisses! After...
  11. Wellon

    Is vapour pen very unique?

    The name of vapour pen Wellon e-cig expert told Olivia that there were many names relate vapour pen. Vape pens, also referred to as vaporizer pens, vapor pens or Vape pen mods are tiny pen-shaped vaporizers. Most of the time, above names are saying one thing, the vapour pen is. Is vapour pen...
  12. Wellon

    Wellon Transformer Kit Review for Vape Beginners

    Wellon Transformer Kit Review for Vape Beginners You also can find this video at our official website, the link is Follow below links, find the Vape device mention in this video, 1, Wellon Transformer Mod...
  13. Wellon

    Wellon Ecig Certifications Collection Thread

    All of Wellon products are with the CE, ROHS, FCC certificates, so quality are guaranteed. Want carry Wellon product, please conact wellon vape experts. If you want more detail Wellon Ecig Certifications Collection, please go to
  14. Wellon

    Do You Know Top 4 Safety Factors for a Best Vape Pen?

    From Safety factor to discuss what’s the best vape pen To judge a Vape pen good or bad have many factors, like good price Vape pens, good cloud Vape pen and so on. But this post we are going to discuss what’s the best vape pen from safety factor. The reason why we should know safety factor for...
  15. Wellon

    Technical Parameters of Wellon Transformer Mod

    Hi guys, Today Olivia want to share a nice vape device, name Wellon Transformer Mod. We have discuss Top 4 Reasons Why you Should Choose Wellon Transformer Mod. This post we are going to introduce Technical Parameters of Wellon Transformer Mod. By the way, if you have any question about Wellon...

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