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  1. 3Avape Official

    Vapefly Cotton Clouds (5Feet, Fit for φ3.0mm coils)

    Features: -Cost effective -Fit for φ3.0mm coils -5Feet total length -100% organic cotton from Japan -No waste, take as much as you need Package includes: 1x Vapefly Cotton Clouds
  2. 3Avape Official

    Demon Killer Clapton Wire (Kanthal A1, 15Feet)

    Parameters: Length: 15Feet Material: Kanthal A1 Package size: φ66x 62mm Compatible model: RDA, RBA, RTA and RDTA Package includes: 1x 15Feet Wire Roll 1x Cotton Bundle 1x Round Gift Box
  3. 3Avape Official

    4Pcs/Pack Demon Killer Raging Fire Coil $1.88

    Parameters: Packing size: 95x 65mm Diameter: 0.3ohm Material: Ni80 Wattage range: 40- 90W 4 pieces in one pack Type A: 0.3+(0.1*32), 0.27ohm Type B: 0.3+(0.08*48), 0.25ohm Type C: (0.1*0.3)*8+(0.1*5), 0.32ohm Type D: (0.1*0.3)*6*0.1+(0.1*10), 0.27ohm Package includes: One Pack of Demon Killer...
  4. 3Avape Official

    CoilArt MAGE Resin RTA 2019 (Honey Comb Air Hole Deck)

    Product introduction CoilArt Mage Resin RTA 2019, constructed of resin, glass and stainless steel, features 4.5ml juice capacity and dual coil post-less build deck. The Mage Resin RTA 2019 has 20 pieces of the 1.4mm diameter honey comb air holes, which will bring you delicate flavor and intense...
  5. 3Avape Official

    21Pcs/Pack Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition $2.5

    Product introduction Vapefly Firebolt Cotton is specifically formulated for vaping and it's of premium organic cotton from Japan. With this cotton, vapers could re-wick the coils in seconds. Types: Red, 2.5mm, 7pcs Yellow, 3.0mm, 7pcs Blue, 3.5mm, 7pcs Features: -Re-wick the coils in seconds...
  6. 3Avape Official

    Cthulhu Mjölnir RDA (Bottom Feed, Single Coil Configuration)

    Product introduction The Mjölnir RDA, a collaboration between Cthulhu and Anthony Vapes, is a single coil RDA that features unique double chamber system that makes it dissipates heat and vape like a 20 mm RDA. There is also a bottom feeder pin included to be compatible with squonk mod and the...
  7. 3Avape Official

    Have You Seen An RDA with Tornado Style Airflow System?

    Product introduction Hugsvape Ring Lord RDA, with 27mm diameter, constructed of stainless steel and pyrex glass, is unique for its spit-back proof design and tornado airflow design. The Lord Ring RDA also includes both a 510 pin and a squonk pin, which enables vapers to use it on both regular...
  8. 3Avape Official

    VapJoy Hayabusa BF RDA $19.5

    Product introduction Hayabusa RDA, with 22mm diameter and a bottom squonk pin, is an innovative item designed by VapJoy Team. The Hayabusa is constructed from 316F grade stainless steel for higher level vaping experience. It is easy to set up coil wires from 26AWG (0.4mm) with detailed design to...
  9. 3Avape Official

    Advken CP TF RTA

    Product introduction The Advken CP TF RTA, with 24mm diameter and gold-plated 510 thread connection, features top slide filling design for convenient refilling liquid without leakage. And it adopts unique post-less rebuild deck for easy single coil building. You can change the CP TF RTA's...
  10. 3Avape Official

    Newgen Meson RTA 2.0ml/4.0ml $13.4

    Product introduction Newgen Meson RTA, with 24mm diameter, constructed from stainless steel, features 2.0ml and 4.0ml juice capacity. The Meson’s airflow is controlled by 18 Honeycomb Holes direct bottom airflow system which will make it smoother and quieter with more flavor with deep juice...
  11. 3Avape Official

    Pirate King V2, Not from Caribbean but Riscle

    Product introduction Riscle Pirate King V2 RDA, with 24mm diameter and a bottom feeder pin, utilizes the Microporous Airflow Technology, a pure innovation in atomizer industry. With the 527 micro air holes of 0.20mm placed underneath the coil build, it allow the influx of air enter from the two...
  12. 3Avape Official

    VapJoy CSJ009 Ni90 Heating Wire Spool $3.5

    Parameters: Art.No.: CSJ009 Spec: 22AWG, 15ft Material: Nickel 90 Package size: 56(H)x 56(W)x 21(H)mm Package includes: 1x VapJoy CSJ009 Ni90 Heating Wire Spool
  13. 3Avape Official

    Coilology Quad-Core Fused Clapton Ni80 Wire $4.2

    Parameters: Resistance: 1.3ohm/ft Material: Nichrome 80 Length: 10ft Type: 4-28/40 Package includes: One Box of Quad-Core Fused Clapton Ni80 Wire
  14. 3Avape Official

    50Pcs/Box Advken Doctor Coil Preloaded Cotton $3.75

    Parameters: Type: Strip cotton 50 strips per box Compatible with: DIY RBA/ RDA/ RTA/ RDTA/ MTL Atomizer Package size: 85x 64x 50mm Package includes: One Box of Advken Doctor Coil Preloaded Cotton
  15. 3Avape Official

    Advken Notch BF RDA $20.9

    Product introduction Advken Notch RDA, with 24mm diameter and deep juice well, constructed of 304 stainless steel, features exquisite appearance and is durable. With dual post design, there is large space to build coils and also can compatible with Notch coil or other rebuilding coils. Moreover...
  16. 3Avape Official

    Onetopvape Gemini RDTA $22.7

    Product introduction Onetopvape Gemini RDTA, with 26.5mm diameter, constructed by 304 Stainless Steel and PC, features dual post build deck and quad terminals for easy building. Together with the Quad terminal and Side airflow system, Gemini RDTA will bring an excellent vaping experience for...
  17. 3Avape Official

    Vapor Storm Cotton King $1.95

    Vapor Storm Cotton King, only $1.95!! Parameters: 10 pieces in one pack Premium cotton wicking material For DIY RDA; RBA Features: -Cleanest taste cotton -Fit heating coil for any size -No chemically treated, bleached, or pigmented -Darker flecks are natural, soft and comfortable feel...
  18. 3Avape Official

    Hotcig Mini Centaur RTA $18.65

    Product introduction Hotcig Mini Centaur RTA, with 22mm diameter, constructed of stainless steel, is a great rebuild-able tank atomizer for direct lung vapers looking for great flavor. With 510 PEL drip tip, Hotcig MINI Centaur RTA can isolating heat effectively. Exclusively Juice Flow Control...
  19. 3Avape Official

    Ystar Wolverine RDA 24mm $27.6

    Product introduction The Ystar Wolverine RDA, with 24mm diameter, is constructed of jade, stainless steel and PEI. The Wolverine RDA supports various build styles (single/ double and mesh coil) to satisfy different vaping needs. What’s more, the honeycomb style airflow makes the draw smoother...
  20. 3Avape Official

    Vapor Storm Eight-Core Fused Clapton Prebuilt Coil $4.9

    Parameters: Material: Ni80 Wrapped: 36GA Resistance: 0.38ohm Kernel: 38GA*29GA Flat*8 Attention: It's Allowed to be ±0.1ohm difference for Prebuilt Coil. Package includes: One Box of Eight-Core Fused Clapton Prebuilt Coil

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