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2021 GT3!!


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No idea how I hadn't heard of this, but I'm sharing in case anyone else didn't know who loved this tank as much as I did. Taifun did another limited run of this RTA, I've owned several GT4's, still have 2 and it's in my top 5, but nothing I've vaped touches the GT3. I was pretty bummed when I broke my original GT3 and trying to find a used one in the last two years has proven impossible.

From Taifun:
This 2021 release is a limited and final production run of the infamous Taifun GT III, as a thank you to all of the fans who have inquired about another production run of the Taifun GT III again. For the love, we've decided to get this made one more time, just for you guys!

Enushi has some in stock at the time of this posting for any other fans out there.
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I didn't know which car that was, don't keep up like I used to, but it was screaming "Porsche" to me, and sure enough! Damn that is beautiful!

I'm an ex-car nut, but I guess, once a nut, always a nut.


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I have a GT3 clone I got from FT a few years ago that I never liked for some reason. Remembered it when I read this thread a few days ago, dug it out and tried it again yesterday. Had trouble getting it to feed properly and remembered that was why I stashed it in the first place 🤪 . Stuck with it for a bit and figured it out. It's a great vape! Really good flavor and TH.

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