5 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes Are Good for Society


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When you think about a device, such as an e cigarette Toronto, the first thing that comes to mind may not be how good it is for society. There are many misconceptions out there about the vaping community and vaping in general. It has actually been a very positive force in society in many different ways. Take a look at these five reasons that e-cigarettes are good for society.

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Good article, but it's not true at all that there is "no smell" -- there definitely is a smell with some vapes, and though most find that smell appealing, or at least, not nearly as noxious as cigarette smoke, many do object to the smell -- I'm a vaper myself for over 4 1/2 yrs, and there are times when even I find the smell a bit hard to take. I've had any number of folks ask me why I smell like "dessert" or "cotton candy" (it's actually strawberry & cream but for some reason, they smell cotton candy), but I've also had one or two find the smell a bit sickening.

And while "2nd hand vapor" is NOT harmful in the least, it's going to be very tough to convince the smoke-nazis of that fact. Vapers know it very well, and probably most vapers' families do too, but there are those hard-core intolerant assholes who are convinced that "it's just as bad as smoking," and WILL NOT be convinced otherwise. They do the whole hand-waving, fake-coughing thing exactly as if we're spewing noxious gas -- or cigarette smoke, which amounts to the same thing. Those people will never believe there's anything good about vaping, and they're convinced it's just "continuing the same habit," never for a moment grasping the fact that many of us would NEVER have quit smoking, if not for vaping.


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