5 Tips to Stay Safe While Vaping


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A lot of people vape these days. Some use tobacco products; others vape CBD or THC. No matter what your substance of choice, ensuring your safety while vaping is a top priority. Recent news headlines shed light on vaping causing...

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The 4 Major Benefits of Vaping
OCTOBER 3, 2019


Vaping was first introduced at the turn of the millennium as a direct alternative to smoking. At the time, there weren’t many flavours and only a handful of companies were offering vaping devices. It wasn’t that strong at all and certainly didn’t serve as a viable replacement for smoking. Naturally, the trend of vaping died down for a few years before resurfacing by the end of the decade. Many companies remarketed vaping devices and began selling them as a means of getting your favourite flavours. Cloud chasing events were held all around the globe and it didn’t take long for the younger demographic to get involved. Buying a vape is now incredibly easy. In fact, a number of studies have been conducted in the past which show that vaping actually offers a number of additional advantages. Here are four major benefits of vaping that you should know.

1. It’s Healthier Than Smoking
This may be a shock to most people but a bunch of studies have now provided definitive proof that vaping is much healthier than smoking. With over 35,000 physicians around the globe, the Royal College of Physicians concluded that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. That’s because a standard cigarette contains millions of carcinogens that you don’t get with conventional vaping. The vaping device usually includes glycol nitrogen, some oils, and a flavour. With vaping, you don’t need to worry about combustion, tar, or even ash. This helps improve oral hygiene as well and doesn’t harm your skin either. You can simply buy a vape device and get started right away.

2. No Pollution
The reason why it’s called vaping is because it releases a vapour, not smoke. The vapour does not contain any noxious odours and you don’t need to worry about others getting angry or offended when you take a puff around them. The vapour will quickly dissolve into the air and even though it does contain a faint smell, it’s usually flavoured.

3. Flavours
Last but not least, you should know that there’s a whole variety of different flavours that you can choose from. You can choose from a bunch of different flavours and optimize the output by changing the wattage!

4. It’s Convenient
Just put your vaping device in your pocket and go wherever you want. It can be charged with a standard microUSB. You don’t need to worry about ash or spreading pollution either. Visit www.dashvapes.com to learn more.

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