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about charging

Hello, I have a question that's been bothering me a bit. I have a Lost Vape Centaurus Q200 device that I bought just 2 days ago, and I want to know if it's safe to charge it directly using the default 2Ampere power adapter that comes with my phone? Will it weaken the chip or damage the mod itself? Because I've heard from my friends that it can damage or cause the vape mod chip to malfunction, and I'm worried that this might happen to my device, so I'm asking. Thank you, regards.

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In general, I believe the port on the mod will only use the amount of voltage it is designed to use, even if the cable supplies more. But don't take it for granted. External charging is the very best and safest way to charge, and do so while attended so if there's a mishap it doesn't happen when sleeping or away.

This dual bay is good, I use it. 4 bay if you can, for a bit more. Can charge more than just vape batteries.

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I agree... get an external charger (once in a while, if you have to, go ahead and use the USB to charge)
I hope the batteries are what we call a "married set" (always used together since they were new) What batteries do you have? How many watts are you running?

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