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About CoilART LUX 200 KIT - Very Pleased to Receive It and Hope My Experience Is Useful To You


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VU Vendor Employee
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I am addicted to vapes so that I have been looking for an e-cigarette which makes me pretty satisfied for a long time. Fortunately, there is a vaping device coming into my eyes - CoilART LUX 200 Kit. Actually I am skeptical when purchasing it, but that has changed after using it for several days. To get a strong throat hit and great performance, as well as safe system, I tried different e-liquids with the unit so I figured I should share my review of the use experience.

By the way, it is a pleasure for me to get the free giveaway from CoilART. THX.

Tailor-made Appearance:
We know packaging does not influence performance of products, however, a good product is not just what the function is, also how it looks. An eye-catching appearance design is a great solution to attract customers. I was really impressed as soon as I opened the package and saw the LUX 200 Kit (What I received is the LUX 200 Kit Green).
I have to say I like it just the way it came. The surface crafting the universe exploration spectacle gives you a stunning and superb feeling during experiencing the e-cigarette. 5 wonderful colors allow you to choose your desired one, to match your mood on any occasions.
Amazingly, similar to the iPhone technology, there is no any fingerprints on the surface of the box mod after touching it. This makes me pleased due to it will always look clean and seems brand new.

Innovative EAGLE Chip
Adopting an advanced chip, the box mod is capable of speeding up the burning with just 0.005 seconds, which is faster than other box mods. This makes me start the vaping journey, immediately and quickly. A great improvement in safety. Built-in 10 different protection systems to avoid danger during run, like scalding and burning. So I have never been worried about these troubles when enjoying the LUX 200. Compared with other box’s output, the LUX 200 Kit adopts a super high power up to 200W, which ensures me can fast fire. To my surprise, its power is adjustable, convenient for me to choose a suitable output setup according to different types of atomizers. Taking the form of the improved chip, it is so easy to be arranged the LED interface content depends on my preference. I believe the box is not just a pretty good option for me, as well as you guys.

Besides the box, the tank is an important component of e-cigarettes. CoilART adopts the Mage Coil in LUX 200 Kit, so I can fill e-liquid through the slot easily and frequently. An extra coil is available in the package, which keeps my e-cigarette running better through simply changing the extra coil.

Button&OLED Screen:
All buttons response to me when I operate the box, flexibly and sensitively. The fire button is hit 5 times continuously to get it activated or inactivated. What’s more, the fire button needs to be pressed and held all the time when I inhale, and release it when exhale. As a matter of fact, there is the similar operation in other e-cigarettes. It has 5 modes to choose from. I can change the power, which helps me to get strong or weak cloud chasing. It’s really fun. Features a crystal-clear OLED display screen that is convenient for me to see intuitively the left battery level, current work mode and other concrete specifications. No any guess in my whole vaping experience. Note: I want to emphasize the adjustable power, CoilART e-cigarette’s power is up to 200W which is higher than Drag 2 Kit with 177W power. Do you know what this mean? In simple terms, the clouds from the upper mouthpiece will be larger when you exhale.

In the Package:
Includes 1 LUX 200 Box, 1 LUX Tank, 1 Extra Coil, 1 Extra Bubble Tube, 1 USB Power Cable and 2 User Manual I am not a little satisfied with the kit due to it has not offered battery. I asked the seller and was told two 18650 batteries are required. (Both rechargeable and common 18650 battery are used to power the mod). Most importantly, the USB charging cable supplied in the package not only powers the box, but allows me to change the system setting of box via being connected to my USB-enabled device. Also the system can be set through the button on the box. Just choose the desired method to go.

High output (max.200W)
Updated chip
Ergonomic body
Spare coil and glass tube
10 safety protections
5 color options
Standard 510 spring-loaded connector
Sleek look
Surface with iPhone technology

Battery is not included

LUX 200 Kit is a great gear for e-cigarette enthusiasts. The atomizer pairs perfectly with the cartridge to produce large clouds with ease. CoilART has created the best-tasting tobacco vapor ever. So for those who want to experience different flavors of vape juice, LUX 200 provides a good option. From unique appearance with fantastic texture to smart chip with multiple protections, it brings e-cigarettes to the next level on the market. Plus, its super portability makes it a legitimate choice for experienced vapers too. While LUX 200 can’t compare to other complex vaporizer, it is more than enough for e-cigarette lover looking for a large cloud chasing experience without smokes.

My pleasure to give my review for the product. Hope the above will help you learn more about LUX 200 Kit.

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