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Adding Nic to Premade Juice


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hello i want to raise the nic level of the juice which is currently available here from 3 to 9 mg. I have already purchased 100mg/ml nic from a vendor and i have the calculation done as well.....My question is once i add the nicotine how long do i need to leave the juice alone for it to absorb nicotine?

any help is much appreciated...

P.S: I use 70/30 PG/VG


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If you shake the hell out of it, should become a shake & vape.


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Shake it and vape it. Should be good to go. There are a few folks here who don't add nic to their mixes until they are ready to vape them.


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the juice is a branded 3 mg premade juice.....i am just adding Nic to increase the shake and use......awesome


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Yeah shake and vape... but some seeping time . May be beneficial. Using 100mg isn't going to result in much flavor dilution and won't add much nic flavor... but if it affects flavor.. a few days in the dark might improve things.

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