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Any Sacramento Vape Meets?

Hi my name is Ross, I am looking to reach out and meet more local vapers. I currently am making my own line of e-juice which finally after a lot of effort im ready to let others enjoy it too. Ive been to a total of 4 vape shops in Sacramento but none have had a strong connection to the gathering of vapers. IMO of course, I would say I have been living under a rock this whole time haha. Really just want to enjoy some great events with great people who once were smokers like myself and looking to take our fun anti-smoking hobby to another level.


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I'm actually a manager of a vape shop in Sacramento area, I really want to make my shop more of a community shop like when it was 2014. Bring in a couple small samples and we'll check it out I'm ready to listen to any ideas you have too. We do have a lounge area with TV, modified Xbox for people to play, planning on a vape comp here in a couple months too. DM me.
This sounds like doomsday vape haha. I’ve been there myself. I’m in Roseville area myself, if your looking to hang out, go to bake events, or just talk shop about Vaping hit me up!

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