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Any Vets Still on here?


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Still not sure if I'm an "official" vet or not. Got people being asked. Served in Navy, graduated boot, had roughly two weeks and then discharged. I'm told that the two weeks active counts on one hand. On the other hand I'm told it was not enough time in to count. The discharge was still honorable, a geneneral enty level sep for what I was told was medical reasoning. The 214 reads a little different yet still says general discharge. There was no disciplinary reason for my discharge.

There are others here though that are indeed vets. More than a welcome board for vets here. :) Think @Amber Petti was also Army.

Rob B.

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Retired Navy Photographer. E8, Senior Chief Petty Officer. 24 years active, 1978 - 2002. 6 years reserves, 2002 - 2008.

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I'm still here. I just spend my time paddling asses and making people look foolish. If'n you take a gander around the forums a bit, you'll find me. I aint goin' anywhere anytime soon. Unless the aliens come and get me. Or unless I'm drafted to do more work of the damned.


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3 years protecting you from the Red Menace (83-86)

translation: radio-teletype operator / 307th MI BN / Ludwigsburg

many humble thanks to all of you who served

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