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Anyone able to diagnose and repair a DNA 250 mod?


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Long story short, I purchase a custom Lipo DNA 250 mod from a vendor (Not on this forum).

Unfortunately the mod died and the vendor did not stand up to their warranty. It’s unfortunate because it was a sweet laser engraved mod that I bought before deploying overseas.

Symptoms: Does not charge, screen does not turn on.

I am looking for someone who can diagnose and repair this mod for a reasonable price.

If this is up your alley please HMU! Thanks!

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Yep go to evolve. I doubt anyone here is qualified or experienced on working on the evolve chipset itself.
Only simple thing it could be is a bad battery connection or the like.

Evolve should be able to steer you to an approved evolve repair center if necessary.


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I have 5 DNAs and not one screen issue with any of them. More likely the mod maker's mistake.


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I stand with others here, Evolv will help you out probably without charge. Evolv is a great company that makes a great product and they stand behind it.

As others have said, I have many DNA devices and little to no problems, including the DNA C. The few problems I have had, no matter who made the device, Evolv has always repaired the device at no cost.

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