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Auguse era pro


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Quck and dirty review of first impressions..beautiful,

First concern/flaw possibly- it needs some sort of positive locking closed on the top juice part to keep it from twisting open and and to keep in the fully closed spot so it wicks correctly. A divot, a bearing, a slightly angled groove to tighten when twisted...something so it doesnt just twist freely. Im constantly going to be having to check to make sure its fully closed. Hopefully it wont be as bad as i'm imagining, and thats really my only concern


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Oh wow, i just put it together, i shoulda taken a pic, i will next time i take it apart.

I used a 3mm coil, just cut the cutton to the end of the groove and cut a little off the sides and thinned it out.

Vaping great with 100% vg, all fears were unfounded. Its as good as the steam crave classic, maybe better if you take into accout the filling

Edit-adjusting the bottomg airflow ring without the whole thing unscrewing is a little tricky, but its cool

Double edit-and as i suspected, i would trust this in my inside jacket pocket, or a chest pocket, but i wouldnt trust it in a pants pocket because of the top twisting off freely
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