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Authorized Vendors Sub Forum Info, and Unlisted Vendors Guidelines

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Authorized Vendors Sub Forum Info, and Unlisted Vendors Guidelines

Vaping Underground DOES NOT charge vendors to have a sub forum.


  1. You must be an "established" vendor for 6 months with a website. No eBay or Facebook sellers.

  2. You must link back to this forum on your MAIN page with one of the graphics supplied below.
    • This must be in a static format which can Not be reduced in size for any reason

    • Your site will be checked periodically and is a serious offence with consequences if the banner link is missing, or logo graphic is re-sized smaller than the ones we offer.

    • Note: Larger size VU graphic logos than what we offer are always welcomed. And our banner Must be static remaining visible at all times on your front page.
  3. You must maintain and be active in your sub-forum.

  4. While vendors are allowed to participate in the forum as a vaper - you will only be permitted to SPAM ADS, promotions, or your web links in:
    • Your sub forum (unlimited)

    • Sales and Promotions - limit 2 threads per week - posting more than 2 will result in merged threads

    • Contests, Contests, Contests (limit 2 contests at a time) And there shall be No Tagging Allowed for any contests - Please be sure to review our Vendor Contest Guidelines
  5. You can engage in conversation about your products outside your sub-forum only if you (meaning by member name, vendor name, or your exclusive product) is brought up by a user directly. And no coaxing or bribing members to tag you so that you can post in a vendor forbidden thread.
  6. No vendor to vendor trolling will be tolerated. You are not allowed to post negative comments, or your deals/links in other vendors sub-forums.

  7. Rules governing legal hemp products, hemp vendors, including delta8 are here
  8. For more specific guidelines please refer to the Sticky Notes in each forum.


  • You will be permitted to use the unlisted vendors forum (link below) until you do qualify.

  • Our vendor rules apply for all vendors as well as the unlisted vendor rules below.


  • As a unlisted vendor you will NOT have moderating powers or the ability to edit posts as you would as a authorized VU vendor.


  1. As an unlisted vendor you are permitted to post in ONE thread in our Unlisted Vendor Forum and ONE thread in our Sales and Promotions forum
    • You may make multiple posts within said threads… but you must keep them contained to your ONE thread in either forum.
  2. You are free to edit the title of your thread as it relates to any changes to your shop.

  3. You will be permitted to run a single contest at a time in our Contests Forum, and there shall be No Tagging Allowed for any contests.

  4. All business related posts, ie: ads, promotions, web links MUST remain in one of the two threads.

  5. Multiple threads will be merged to a single thread, and points against your account will be issued.
  6. Vendors are are not allowed to post anyone's personal information.This is something we take very serious, and may just ban you for it.

Also Please remember EVERYONE MUST also follow the General Rules too!
LINK General Rules>

PLEASE PM @SMOKIE or email [email protected] to request your sub forum or for any further assistance, Thank You, Vape On!

Graphics to be used to link back:

VU-VendorLinkback102x170.jpg VU-VendorLinkback120x200.jpg VU-VendorLinkback150x250.jpg VU-VendorLinkback160x160.jpg VU-VendorLinkback170x102.jpg
VU-VendorLinkback200x120.jpg VU-VendorLinkback200x200.jpg VU-VendorLinkback250x150.jpg

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