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Awesome Cloud Competition in Philly, PA Sat, May 21, 2016


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Awesome cloud competition in Philly this spring.

2300 S. Swanson St
Philly, PA

Sat, May 21, 2016

Doors Open 10 AM

The 2300 arena hold 2500 people and we are looking to fit every last person we can.

Its FREE to all guests, but we ask that you sign up on our website because this is going to be a closed event. Our membership is free, when you sign up you will get a membership card with your name and member number. The card also entitles you to discounts or gifts from our participating vendors when you show your card.

The event will consist of a Cloud Competition. NAVA will be ranking all competitors for future events, similar to the way Boxers are ranked. We will also be having Cloud Trick Demo's, a DJ, Videographer, Photographer, Food/Drinks, and vendors.

We will only be allowing 30 vendors to set up with their goods. This way all the vendors have a better chance to make money. Again admission for GUESTS is FREE. We rather our guests spend their money at the vendor booths than at our door.

There is a charge for vendor spaces, as with all events.

The rules are posted on my website, there is too much to list here..........go to WWW.NAVABEAST.COM

Must sign up at


Jim K
[email protected]

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Hey mate i'd like to know how did this even go? Was it successful? How big is the vape community in philly? And if entrance was free but it was a closed event, how did you guys regulate entrances? Did you check passes one by one?

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