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Battery Safety: Minimum Resistance on a Regulated Mod


I recently purchased Hohm Run XL 21700 Batteries. The specs on the box say that they can safely handle <85 watts PER CELL and a minimum resistance of 0.12 Ohms. They do not say whether the minimum resistance decreases per cell. I.e. if I am running dual cells can I go below 0.12?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi, Welcome to the forum :wave:
The type of mod you are going to be using them in is important.
I'm going to assume you have a regulated mod that is well made and capable of handling lower ohm builds.

There is this guy Mooch who tests all of the batteries for us to help us stay safe.
I search for the name of the cell and Mooch.
In your case I searched for: "Hohm Run XL 21700 Mooch"
His Facebook shows up with the information. That is a good place to start.

None of this really answers the question, lol
As long as the mod is regulated it should tell you if you are doing something majorly wrong. You say Below 0.12ohms. There is a LOT below 0.12ohms and most of it can get you in trouble fast. There is a HUGE difference between 0.011 ohms and 0.008 ohms. They use the 0.12ohm number to keep people from taking unnecessary chances.

If you dip a tiny bit below 0.12ohms on a dual cell regulated mod the world probably won't end. I don't recommend doing anything extreme. A regulated mod shouldn't let you go too low, it would show a warning and not fire.

I personally don't like the going below 0.15ohms. it seems the lower I get from there the more power that I waste trying to fire the coils. I like for a dual cell mod to last all day.



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They simply calculated the values for a 3.2v cutoff at the max amp rating and put it on the label

I just double checked on mine, read the fine print.

Mooch has an equation for finding the safe cdr for batteries to use in a reg mod given the wattage, but i forget what it is exactly so here is a calculator

(Its the one where u account for the .85 efficiency if anyone knows it off the top of their head)

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Never believe a battery label. Believe Mooch.
As long as you know from the regulated mod's manuf's specs, that it will fire the resistance you want, then it becomes all about the battery's true amps, which means not what the label says.

Most dual batt regulated mods will fire down to 0.1, But check.

When using a regulated mod, here's the formula for determining the amps per battery needed for a certain wattage.
[watts wanted / min voltage] x mod efficiency = AMPS PER BATTERY.

Mod efficiency isn't listed, it has to be tested to see what it is, so using 90% is good to go with.
If its a dual batt mod and you want 90w:
45w / 3.2 = 14 x .9 = 12.65A or, 13A per batt. But that doesn't leave headroom, in case you chain vape or vape a lot in a short time..15A batteries could run hot, heat is bad for batteries. And there are better choices for run time between charges.

Molicell and Samsung are dominating the market, based on testing by Mooch and user performance.
Hohm Run is one of the many brands that buy their cells from
the actual manuf'r. Molicell and Samsung are the manufacturers of their cells.
I suggest always buy the manufacturer labeled to make sure of what your getting, and only trust Mooch for the specs.

I personally would use Samsung 50S for dual @ 90w, good to 120w and would still be 2A under the 20A Mooch continuous rating, but the battery can do 25A as long as it isn't continuous, like in an electric bike, skateboard, powr tool. So you can vape it at 25A but not constantly chain vaping because the battery won't cool enough between puffs.
I choose it over Molicell P42A, P45B, because while they too would have enough amps, 50S @ 5100+ Mah per Mooch tests lasts longer between charges, on paper.

Edit: Notice how other than the reference to the check mod's resistance limit, there is no reference to the resistance a certain battery can do. Amps, Amps, Amps !!
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