battery scare.


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I've been away from vaping and a lot of my hardware is aging. I just charged an ego 650mah battery. It seemed fine when I took it out of the charger but the second I screwed in the cartomizer (yes, I still have those) it started making that hissing noise it does when you are drawing on it. I swear, I did not touch the button on the side either and it's not automatic. Having read many stories about exploding batteries, I put it outside. Should I toss this thing? Also, should batteries be warm when you remove them from an AC charger? These are 808 batteries BTW.
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Sometimes batteries can get warm, but there's a difference between warm and hot.

How long did you leave it plugged in?

Doesn't really matter, just curious, because the answer to your question is YES DEFINITELY, you should throw that battery away.

Sounds like it vented. You plug it back in somewhere, it just might go boom.


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I don't know what happened to the reply above and I can't figure out how to delete it. The battery was plugged in for about 6 hours and hadn't been charged in at least 3 years. It was a different battery that I noticed was warm. I didn't realize Ego batteries vented. Thanks.

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It was plugged in for about 6 hours. it hadn't been charged in about 3 years.
It had prolly dropped below safe to recharge voltage ~2V. If I member correctly those 808 chargers to not have low voltage protection in them so it charged a damaged cell.
Yep recycle that one once it cools down.
And yes 808 batteries will get a bit warm but nothing even approaching hot when charging.
Just slightly warm maybe 100 or so F.

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