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BRIGHT IDEA! 510 Cree 3-Mode 800-Lumen LED Flashlights - $8.67


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510 Cree 3-Mode 800-Lumen LED Flashlight Heads​
Here's a bright idea.... literally! The 510 Cree XM-L2 T6 3-Mode 800-Lumen Pure White LED Flashlight turns any mod with a 510 connection into a bright, LED flashlight with a beam range of 150 metres. It's a handy accessory to have on hand, in your purse, or car because lets face it.... we've always got a mod and spare batteries close by, but the batteries in regular flashlights always seem to be dead when you need them most. Besides, now you can truthfully say "it's a flashlight!"

Available in red or purple. Another 510 fitted flashlight is also available in silver for only $6.87.

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$8.67 each - Ships free

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These look great! But, you must need to be pressing the button on your mod the whole time to keep it turned on? I guess if so, I could tighten down my k100 so it was constantly firing. I so need a decent flashlight! :)

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