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Building my first Lipo box...

Looking to build my first Lipo box and been googling and researching like a mad man because of all the safety hazards I've heard of with these things and the other night I finally found this guide

Was so happy to finally find something that tells me it's ok to not use a dna200 and/or a pwm. Just a simple basic mod just like what I've been building but with a Lipo battery instead of a sled

Finally found the battery the guy used here:

However it's on backorder and after doing even more research I've heard thru the grape vine that graphene lipos are the safer choice, guy at the local vape shop said he drove a nail thru his graphene and it only sizzled, no kaboom...

So my question here is... Following the above build guide could I use this battery instead?

Or is this way too much power since the mod will be unregulated?

Thanks in advance guys much appreciated! :)

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