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Can i use 10mg nic Saltnic on my freemax maxus solo 100 watt

Hey guys!
M new to the vaping just bought the Freemax Maxus solo 100 Watt week ago and i am using the regular coil that comes with it. I guess it shows 14 ohms on the display. Now my question is can i use a salt nic flavour 10mg nic in my vape?? And if yes what watts should i use while smoking that salt Nic flavour?


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It is likely the coil you're using is similar to these. If that is the case, the coil head assemblies use mesh coils. From the site listing them, it says the coils do well between 60 and 80 watts.

As far as what juice you run through your tank, juice is juice ultimately. 10 mg in salt juice is not the same as 10 mg in freebase juice, though. Salt juices are designed & formulated to be smoother tasting yet more potent with the nicotine.

Yes, you can use salt nicotine juices with your kit. I might suggest starting out around 50 watts and gradually bumping yourself up to about 75 or so. You'll find what suits yourself.



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The display most likely reads 0.14ohms
10mg/ml will work, only because it's salt nic.
Ripping 65watt clouds of 10mg/ml nic may cause some throat irritation.
If you get too much throat irritation but you like the eliquid you could get another bottle of it in zero nic and add them together to make 5mg/ml.
As suggested above, i'd start lower at around 50watts, then add a few watts each time until it get's dialed in.

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