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Cereal/Breakfast/Bakery/Dessert Flavors looking to find the best of best and where.. HELP??????


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I love a good captain crunch but want to find one that just blows me away and other cereal ones too. Horchata flavor ?
Creme Brulee?? Blueberry Muffin?? FRench Toast??? Fruity Pebbles? Fruit Loops? Cinnaroll by Cream Team is a Top 3 for me and Country Clouds Corn Bread Puddin.

Bliss Doubt

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I went through a lot of phases before settling on clove as my all day vape. Back when I was trying bunches of flavors, Velvet Vapors Bear Claw was my best of the best sweets flavors. It really tasted just like a warm fresh bear claw pastry.

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