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Charger with LCD screen or LED indicator?

Shenzhen XTAR

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Take budget into consideration firstly, some of you may choose a cost-effective charger with simple LED indicator. This design allows you to monitor the charging progress via different indicator colors. It’s economical and also easy to handle.

For more advanced charger, it utilizes a LCD screen to show batteries’ real time charging status and monitor the charging progress safely. Apperently, the price of this charger is relatively higher. But more detailed info you can get from the screen, such as charging current, battery voltage, battery charged capacity and battery type. And this kind of charger can help you to save time and keep charging more safe. For example, when reverse polarity happens, the screen will show “Err” immediately to remind us insert the battery correctly. “Null” means a bad battery that can’t be activated or charger short circuit happens.

Charger with smart LCD screen, desireable one, yes. While it’s not a necessity when you more care about cost or other factors. So which one do you prefer?

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