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Choder's thoughts on the Wellon Ripple Pod


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The Ripple Pod System

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I was one of the lucky people who won a Wellon Ripple Pod device from 360Vaping and figured I provide my experience with this device, after several weeks of use.
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This is a small device that is made of ABS plastic and shielded by an Aluminum housing, that comes in a variety of four colors – Black, Silver, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold.
03 Ripple-colors.jpg

The device is light weight (13 grams) and easily concealed in the hand since it measures only 3.15” x 1.2” x 0.65”. It has an internal 650mAh rechargeable battery, which takes about an hour to fully charge via a micro USB connection. It has a led that indicates battery level and a side window to view the level of juice left in the 2 ml capacity proprietary tank.
04. charging port.jpg

Its magnetic tank design is what makes this exclusive from other similar devices. There is a magnet located at the base of the Battery unit, where the atomizer sits, and another inside the mouthpiece, that attaches to the atomizer. More on the atomizer later.
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What makes this unit unique, asides from its magnetic tank design, is that it has adopted the use of conduction of electrical current through the body to activate the device. There are two metallic nodes on opposite sides of the mouthpiece that closes the electrical system when you place your lips against it to take a drag, activating the device.

Note: there are other means to close the circuit, like using your fingers, which will also activate and fire the device.

Like most compact pod systems, the Ripple uses a proprietary atomizer ceramic coil. While others reuse the same glass cylinder and only requires to change out the coils, the Ripple atomizer comes all in one piece. The heating element and tank is housed as one unit which reduces the amount of replacement parts needed. A nifty idea, however replacement of this atomizer tank is probably gonna be over priced. Air flow on the draw is pretty tight but not too restrictive and can’t be adjusted.
06. coil.jpg

07. break down.jpg

Initially I thought this device wasn’t something for me but upon receiving and using it, it’s something I have been using almost daily at work. Its small, compact size, and light weight makes it perfect for carrying. From a device as small as this, the tokes produces moderate clouds and subtle flavors. Love the fact that the juice is contained in a stand alone vessel. Over all I am really impressed with this!

The BAD –
Both, the unit (comes with one atomizer) and replacement atomizer tanks, are only being sold at costing $39.00 and $9.00, respectively. Personally, I think this is too expensive for a unit like this and doubt this device will live long in the vaping realm.

To read more about the Wellon Ripple:
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From Wellon Manager regarding ordering spare atomizers :
“... if you only want to buy a cartridge, the shipping cost is very expensive. It's not not cost-effective.
The unit price for a caridge is $2/pcs based on 10pcs. $5.9/pcs for retails. The shipping cost is about $20-$25 within 1kg/pacage...”

The ceramic atomizer does however last pretty long.. but then again I don’t vape much during work where i usually use this device.

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