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I represent ContinentalMods team from Poland. We're working on mods, attys, drip tips etc. I would be glad if I could have a special thread or better - a sub-forum, so we will be able to keep you guys familiar with our work, all news etc. Our site is You can write to me via email (PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED BY STAFF) You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :)

Thanks in advance,

Here are some photos of our work.

bo1.jpg me2.jpg bo7.jpg 20497_1617973885157439_6270445425973950557_n.jpg 11053275_1617974051824089_6692136977355552622_n.jpg


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Love those drip tips they are beautiful.


Will write reviews for Beer!
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Welcome to the Underground Piotr!

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