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Dinner lady very Berry tart? Recipe

Hi everybody Im new here I've read many many many many forum messages regarding mixing and especially the lemon tart of dinner lady. I've made a lot of different recipes for lemon tart but I want to find out what the berry tart is .I've been trying to make this for many years I just cannot get it now .they change the recipe as well .I found myself buying120 bottles from Europe and I found a company to ship to me I thought I won the lottery but I didn't. I live in the USA and it tastes like burnt plastic when I vape it it smells and tastes just like it used to but now it tastes like soap it's weird I try to sweeten it up with just some TFA sweetener I can't get it to taste right now so I'm getting back on the mixing wagon going to try and make it myself if somebody can help guide me to maybe what berries they use? I'm sure they use the tart biscuit flavors as in the lemon tart and I mixed versions of the blackberry crumble that came out almost close to berry tart. Berry tart kind of hard to explain this but I almost tasted jam in it so about a year ago I bought a bunch of different jams blueberry jam regular jam flavors and I' wax smelling them and one of them caught my eye and for the life of me I cannot remember I think it was a blueberry jam it almost has the same aftertaste in a way as jam monster grape has. and it seems like dinner ladies dessert pastry line n
All have that syrupy delicious honey flavor to them ( the desserts line ) I can tell many of the recipes have changed on the dinner lady line .sad and I was reading that they took out a few ingredients to make them legal or something I want to know what those ingredients were that they took out any help would be appreciate on this . I also enjoy dinner ladies blackberry crumble.


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I haven't tried it (dinner lady) First, what kind of berry do you think it has (blueberry, blackberry, boysenberry, ect)? Also, there is a flavor called "jam it" (Vape Train) that helps turn any fruit into jam. Right now, it's getting harder to find VT flavors (I'm in the US and had to order from UK) Looking around for other sources because I like many VT flavors. VSO has really good berry flavors! PUR has a boysenberry preserves flavor that's good and does get jammy after a steep. Not sure about the bakery "tart" flavors... can you describe it?
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Hey, I just noticed you mentioned blueberry... VSO is the best for sure (and their blackberry too... I often combine them) VSO needs a longer steep than other brands (it gets better abd better over time)

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