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E-Liquid Giveaway and Major Site Updates!

Are you more likely to buy a bottle of E-Liquid if it has a creative name (vs. a descriptive one)?

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VU Vendor
Greetings Everyone!

Been a few weeks since I've been on here, been really busy here.

I wanted to take a moment to announce that MCP E-Liquids is about to be making some pretty significant changes, all of which should be live within the next 48 well as a new contest!

First of all, a catalog-wide price drop! We already have what we believe to be quite reasonable prices, but we're going to drop them a bit further.
  • 10mL - $3.99 --> $0.399/mL
  • 30mL - $8.99 --> $0.2996/mL (Was $10)
Second, we're adding a 4th bottle size, right in the middle, the increasingly popular 60mL!
  • 60mL - $16.99 --> $0.28316/mL
Third, our largest size used to be a 180mL (at $50). Instead of dropping this price, we're upping the quantity. Going forward, we will offer 240mL (8oz) bottles instead.
  • 240mL - $49.99 --> $0.20829/mL
Clearly, the more you buy, the better the deal. And as always, we will continue to use only plastic bottles with needle tips. I can't tell you how many people we have met who absolutely hate glass dropper bottles. Unless specifically requested otherwise, all juice will be shipped in plastic unicorn bottles.

Finally, we are going to be making many changes to product names (Dear FDA, don't get your panties in a twist, the recipes will be remaining 100% the same). While our original plan was to avoid silly names that have little or nothing to do with what a flavor really is, the market wants what it wants, and people seem to want creative product names. THIS is where we could use some help. We have several products re-branded already but could use some help coming up with names for many many more.

Please take a moment and browse our menu at MCP, and if you have an idea for a product's new name, post it here! Anyone who's idea we use will receive a coupon code for $25 off any product on our site!

Remember, we're renaming almost EVERYTHING in our catalog, so there are a LOT of chances to win this one!

Thanks for all your support!
Brian Miller

P.S. still offering great deals on a daily basis! We still have 5 flavors that are 25% off, check out our home page for more details!

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