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Episode 29: Plus big giveaway from Bottle Ready to Vape


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The TVA Show Episode 29 is LIVE! (

Thanks to the boys over at Vapor Trail E-Cigarettes for the huge giveaway! And congrats to our winner.

Next week: 3x30 mils of BRV Liquids by the guys over at Vape a Vet Project, specifically Will Cohen. We appreciate the giveaway, winner will get choice of nic and flavors. Also: go donate a little scratch to those guys at Vape A Vet and help them send kits to our Veterans. Get in on the giveaway here: http://***********/ld9gkq3

Tune in this Friday for the new show on the TVA Show Network: "Their Questions" is the show we are doing, dedicated each and every week to your questions that are asked in the "Ask us Anything" threads! Win free juice and get a second helping of the TVA Show each and every week!


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