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Hit "Follow" as you listen to the newest episode of the TVA Show ft Joe Petner : https://soundcloud.com/soundcloud.com%2Fthetvashow%2Fepisode-37-with-vapor-joe Shout to to Double D Boxes, Juice Maniac and 28 Days Vape on the big giveaways this past week!

This week we are giving away 2 prizes! 1) The Entire line of Kliquid Vapor, that's 6 bottles, 30 mils each for a total of 180 mil of yummy juice. 2) 5x15 mil Winner's Choice from Mt Baker Vapor. You can get in on that right here: https://www.facebook.com/thetvashow?sk=app_228910107186452

Big thanks to Joe for coming on the show; I think you will all love this interview, and this episode!

See you Friday for the Ask Us Anything show!


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