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Exceed Edge - Joyetech


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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at the Exceed Edge from Joyetech. The Exceed Edge was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ella from Joyetech.

In the Box


1x Joyetech Exceed Edge
2x EX 1.2ohm MTL Coil Head
1x QC USB cable
1x User Manual
1x Warranty card
1x Warning card

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Exceed Edge Kit comes in tube packaging and once pulling the device out impressed is an understatement. I know the price of the device so i really wasn't expecting a device with great build quality but the edge is very high quality and is excellently designed, it looks gorgeous. It says on Joyetech's website it's design is influenced by the look of a sports car and i can certainly see the similarities in the aerodynamic design and the USB port on the base takes the place of the number plate with the end of the LED's looking like the tail lights. The device is all metal apart from a very large fire button which is i believe plastic but feels a slightly rubberised finish, all the metal is in the colour of choice, i received the Yellow version, it is also available in Orange, Red, Black, Silver and Dazzling. The Edge has a recorder style mouthpiece which is part of the pod and you can tell it will be very comfortable in the mouth just looking at it's design. The device feels superb in the hand with the fire button placed perfectly, instead of trying to describe the device anymore and not doing it justice i will leave the rest to the pictures.

Exceed Edge Specs:

Size: 26.5*110.0*20.0mm
Weight: 74.0g
Colors: Black, Orange, Yellow, Red, Silver, Dazzling
Output mode: Direct output
Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml
Battery capacity: 650mAh
Atomizer head: EX 1.2ohm MTL. Head
Colours: Yellow, Orange, Red, Black, Silver, Dazzling

Getting the Pod Ready

You get 1 pod with the device which takes a standard coil already used with the Exceed series of tanks. The coil is a EX 1.2ohm rated at 8-14w, with a recommended best of 12w, you recieve 2 of these coils. As well as being able to fit new coils the pod is also refillable. Despite being able to replace the coil and refill the pod the empty pod is just a piece of plastic in material it would be a cheap item to make, so the kit would of been a lot better if 2 pods were included so people could carry a spare filled pod with them instead of filling the pod on the go. The pod has a base ring which can be unscrewed from the pod, after priming the coil screws into the base and the base now with coil can get screwed back on the device. The pod is filled by removing a small bung on the side revealing a little fill port, you can now fill the pod making sure you still let the air escape while filling via your nozzle. After leaving the pod for about 5 mins to fully saturate the cotton (taking some draws without firing will help the process) the pod will be ready to use.

Using the Exceed Edge

You push the Pod into place, there are no magnets or clip to hold the pod in position yet the Edge is designed that well the pod stays put very securely without any movement whatsoever. Like with all pod systems the Edge is very simple to use having no menu system and nothing that can be adjusted, just press the fire button and vape. The device is a standard 5 clicks on and 5 clicks off and the 2 LED indicators give very good indication of the status of your battery which is, when vaping the light stays lit between 60% and 100%, when the battery is between 30% and 59% the light has a slow flash, when between 10% and 29% the light flashes at a moderate speed and finally when the battery is between 0% and 9% the light flashes quickly.


The flavour and cloud from the Exceed Edge is superior to any other pod system I've tried before, this is because of the use of a standard tank MTL coil and also the right one. The device is direct output so as the battery runs down so will the end wattage output so it starts at 14w, for most of the battery life gives you between 11-12w and eventually the battery life will run down when you are at about 9w so the coils rating is bang on for this device. For those like me that when they MTL like a loose airy draw you will love this device but having the capability to close the airflow down to a minimum would be a lot better as this device without being able to adjust the airflow will not allow for a tight draw many MTL users like. The device feels very comfortable in the mouth and Joyetech have done an excellent job with the fire button, it's very large and fires putting pressure anywhere on the top half, it works more like a fire bar than a button and the fact it doesn't fire pressing the bottom section in my opinion doesn't matter as when you get the Edge and actually use it the top is where you would naturally apply pressure. The battery is 650mAh which doesn't sound much but is pretty standard with pod system devices and at the low wattage this device gives the life actually is quite reasonable plus it has passthrough so you can vape when charging.


The best flavour i have had from a pod device and the build quality and general feel in both hand and mouth is excellent.


High build quality
Gorgeous design
Nice fire button/bar
Good Ergonomics and feel in mouth
Use of standard coils
Very good flavour
Replaceable coils
Good battery life indication
Comes with 2 coils
Very affordable


Airflow can't be adjusted
Only one pod included

I would once again like to thank Ella from Joyetech for supplying the Exceed Edge for the purpose of this review.

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